Here’s What People Are Saying About Michael’s Ballroom Aerobics Classes!

Written by admin on March 28, 2013

Love, Love, Love Michael’s classes! So much so that I take four classes per week! They are fun, exhilarating and great for my health.

Aurora Montini


Last April I participated in a kid’s scavenger hunt at Bradbury Mountain in Maine with my seven year old grandson. I thought I was going to die! The climb seemed endless and I came in last!  I could not breathe! Imagine my chagrin when I Googled Bradbury Mountain and learned it was a “hill” and the climb was 0.2 miles!!  When I got home I revamped my exercise routine and my diet. I now do three ballroom aerobics classes in one day. I lost 30 lbs and several inches. At 68 I feel more alive than I have in years. I love Michael’s classes and welcome the challenge of Bradbury Mountain next month. I will not come in last! Thanks Michael!!!

Julene Von Glinsky

West Coast Swing/Hustle Party March 22, 2013

Written by admin on March 25, 2013

Smooth moves! You too can learn these moves! We offer group classes in West Coast Swing or book a private lesson with one of our instructors. Then join us at our monthly West Coast Swing/Hustle party!

Annie and Michael Argentine Tango

Written by admin on March 24, 2013



Beautiful pose!

We offer private lessons in Argentine Tango as well as groups classes. Join us and learn this graceful and classic dance!


Great Feedback About Our Smooth Styling Workshop!

Written by admin on March 11, 2013
Here’s what people had to say about our Smooth Styling Workshop!
Dani is an amazing dancer and instructor and stylist.  She helped me understand how to make the most of stretching and shaping…by breaking down each element in the simplest dance terms.  I need more of Dani and hope the studio will invite her back, there are many more ladies who would have wanted take advantage of what she has to offer.  My private lesson with her helped me immensely, I’d like to think to the next level.
Nancy Laggis Orlando


I loved the workshop.  Dani unlocked some of the secrets to her arm styling movements.  She did a great job breaking down the movement to just 5 basic arm positions and it was eye opening.

Ya-Ching Liu