Dance Tips For Leaders and Followers

Written by admin on July 19, 2016

Let these dance tips guide you through your daily dance journey!

Physical Respect

-Respect your partner’s personal space: avoid breathing on them in close proximity, keep your hands away from their “no-zones” and their hands away from yours.
-Escort your partner both on and off the floor, or until they find their next partner. Take caution in guiding them through the other couples already dancing.
-Leaders keep aware of the couples around you and get the other leaders’ attention before committing to your chosen slot.
-Protect your partner from impending collision. If a collision should occur, apologize to the other party, regardless of fault. Check your partner for injury. If an injury occurs, escort your partner off the floor, and tend to their needs.
-Almost everyone has a past or current injury they are trying to protect. Go easy in the beginning and test them out first, or even better, get verbal agreement before trying things like dips and drops. Never assume that your partner has the flexibility, balance, or confidence to perform all your fancy tricks.
-Inebriation: Social dancing is a party activity, so some drinking can be expected, but know your limit. You need to be at least sober enough to maintain balance and not hurt your partner.
-“Dance to your partner’s level” is common advice, but not perfect. It is not expected that you need to dance as well as your higher-level partner. If you are a higher level dancer than your partner, you should take your partner’s skill set into consideration, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to keep it basic, or “dumb down” your dance. Always seek to gently elevate your partner, and never let them see you bored or annoyed

Kristen Shaw at the Milford Studio July 9th! 2 Great West Coast Swing Classes!

Written by admin on July 1, 2016

West Coast Swing Lessons and Dance Party with Kristen Shaw!
in Milford!

Follower’s Styling lesson 7-8pm $15
Always admired hair flips but never knew how to do them? Love footwork but get tangled up? Spice up your styling through individual choreography with moves that are broken down so you can easily add them into your partner dancing! There will also be guidance on how to find your own personal style and own it!

Intermediate Lesson 8-9pm $15

Dance Party 9pm-Midnight $10
Any class and party $20…all three for $30!